Thursday, August 03, 2006

BlueObelisk components in Japanese

Technorati is nice in several ways, one being the feature to set up a watchlist. I have set watches on chemoinformatics, Jmol, Bioclipse and a few more. This allows me see the latest blog items on these topics. Often, the point to Asian blogs, mostly Chinese and Japanese, which I mostly find hard to read. Funny characters with Jmol somewhere in the sentence :)

Yesterday, I found this way a rather interesting Japanese blog, called ケムインフォマティクスに虚空投げ, which I still can't read, but which has a lot of small code fragments. (Can someone please translate the title for me??) The last 10-ish items discuss fingerprints calculation with the CDK and JOELib, some SMARTS work with JOELib, and some discussion on neural network tools.

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