Thursday, December 21, 2006

Updated Chemical Blogspace Layout and Software

Last night I upgraded the software behind Chemical blogspace, to the version online on Google Code, though I needed the help from Eaun to get paper titles correctly picked up for ACS journals. The number of working blogs is a bit down and now at 68, with an average number of 30 active blogs posting more than 100 blog items each day (see Zeitgeist). The new design looks like quite nice compared to the old one:


  1. is my feed in the site?

  2. It was in the past, but it seemed missing. I just readded it.

  3. Egon, could you post a bit more info on how blogs are parsed? Are just the feeds parsed or also the site itself? (You have a links section… but it seems blogroll links don't show up?)
    How are articles parsed/recognized? Are you limited to some journals only or do you need direct links? DOI links?
    Maybe a FAQ or a Howto-Wiki would help clarify such issues?

    But still: chemical blogspace is a great site! Have you thought about using a readable/memorizable URL for it?

  4. Hi Kayesdee,

    only the feeds are parsed, so you need to turn on 'full' blog item content on those feeds. The source code is opensource and can be downloaded from the openreview project on In principle there is no limit on the number of journals, and most is extracted via DOI or PubMed. In practice, extracting paper titles go wrong, e.g. like the PLoS ONE articles at this moment. Check the 'News' link for tips etc. And just ask if you want to know something specific...

    Yes, I have been thinking about getting a better domain for it, but I need to see the use go up before I am going to register something.

  5. So, if I want linklove to show up I need to post about it, rather than add to a blogroll? How long do you keep the links active in your database?

    The hint about fulltext feeds is very good, though ;)

  6. Keyesdee,

    I think the bloglove is indeed calculated from blog entries, not from the blogroll, though I am not entirely sure. I just wrote the InChI section of this software.

    Next week I will try to find a bit of time to write up a FAQ; too busy writing my PhD thesis this week.