Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Blogging and the Press

Today at the OSMB we had again a good lunch again, and Rachel Sterne joined our table. She works at a New York based start up Ground Report, which is a news website where anyone, including bloggers, can post news stories. Not links to news stories, as on Slashdot, but actual news stories. Stories that can be committed are not restricted to any topic, or country, or whatever. The good news is that the revenues out of advertisement is shared with the people that submit the stories, 50/50 even, if I understood correctly. The more visitor hits your story gets, the bigger your part of the revenue is.

Now, the reason why I advertise this, is that Paul recently blogged about the status of bloggers as members of the press. ACS does not seem to think so, though even the Pulizer organization disagrees. The ACS requires that freelancers are connected to an news organization, and I am wondering wether they would accept Ground Report as such...