Friday, February 23, 2007

Nature Network v2: cannot create a new group

Nascent reported that Nature Network v2 has gone life. Never too anxious to try something new, I created an account and signed in. I even joined two groups: Bioinformatics and Semantic Web for the Life Sciences.

But, when I tried to create a new group, the system fails. I promised me to send me email for confirmation. Tried it twice via my Sourceforge email account. No email. I then changed my email for my Nature account to my Gmail address. Still no email...

I am not located in Boston or London, is that the problem? Is being 'global' not good enough? Is the requirement to have two 'o's in the name? Cologne then, maybe?

(Missing) Features

For the rest, the system seems interesting. I am not too fond of having to create accounts all over the place (what was the password again???), but looks promising. The thing I missed most when filling out my profile was a feature to import the list of my publications from Connotea.

Another thing I missed, was the ability to mention my blog(s) in my profile. May I put this in as request too? BTW, is there a group or forum on Nature Network where I can file these things?