Friday, July 20, 2007

Screencasts for life science informatics

Deepak blogged about screencasting for bio topics, concentrated at of which he is co-owner. I guess it is like a YouTube for bioinformatics thingies. Jean-Claude picked this up very quickly (seen on Cb? At least I did.), and already uploaded a screencast, demoing JSpecView written by Robert. I wonder if he will upload the screencasts he made for Bioclipse too? (hint, hint ... :)

I have no idea if this site will be a success, but at least it has the right ingredients: tags, flash movies, clean UI, a blog to monitor technological changes and improvements, and a page to request screencasts (with voting). What I only miss is a one summary page for each screencast to which I can easily link, for example for my account.


  1. Egon,

    Thanks for the comments. It's still a work in progress, so things will evolve over time.

    I would love it if JC got your hint :). In the meantime our hope is that bioscreencast can become a resource for life scientists, especially undergraduates and grad students and technicians.

  2. Hi Egon, thanks for the feedback. I have added the bookmarks like you suggested. From the library, there is a drop-down ("show summary") etc, select bookmark, and you will see links to a few bookmarking sites... hope this helps... let us know if you have more ideas!! :)


  3. Egon,
    I tried to take your hint but I think I only have the Flash version of that Bioclipse file. Anyway that screencast is ancient history now I think (1 year old). Isn't there a significantly newer version of Bioclipse?
    I'll keep Bioscreencast in mind going forward though..

  4. Jean-Claude,

    Bioscreencast supports Flash now. It became quite clear that it was something we needed to do, and now you can pretty much upload a video in any format, but the final entity on the site is Flash

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