Sunday, September 16, 2007

ACS RSS feeds are messed up

All start is difficult. The ACS must know that, but they still blame Google. In this blog Everyday Scientist mentions that the ACS RSS journal TOC feeds are sometimes messed up. I noted that too, but lived with it. The ACS generally is a very professional organization, but when I read they told ES that his Google RSS client was the problem, I just had to confirm his problems, hoping that some ACS representative can relay the message to their IT department.

Akregator is the RSS client that I use, and I noticed the exact same problem ES noted: every now and then, twice, three times a month, the RSS feeds for one journal give the content of another journal. For example, I get the TOC of Chemical Reviews in the RSS feed of the JCIM. Things like that.

Now, because Akregator has absolute nothing to do with Google, it cannot be Google who is messing up the RSS feeds. Because ES is having the same issues I have, it cannot be Akregator either. Ergo, it is the RSS feed system of the ACS itself that is messed up.