Monday, December 03, 2007

Web2O, Open Chemistry, and Chemblaics

Chemistry World December issue features a nice item on the future of data in chemistry: Surfing Web2O; Peter gave an excerpt, and Peter commented on it.

The article discusses many of the things that have been happening in the field of chemical data. It touches Jean-Claude's work on Open Notebook Science, and then moves to Peter's Open Data, mentions a number of other blogs and the Chemical blogspace. Via some video efforts, it ends up with Mitch' Chemmunity, which has the coolest Captcha I have seen so far:

It also cited Rich' blog item on 32 free chemical databases, Christoph's, Project Prospect, and CML which recently saw its the 7th research paper.

Of course, this is the arena of chemblaics, but unfortunately my blog is not cited (though my name mentioned). So, what is wrong with my blog??


  1. There is nothing wrong with your blog - the selection in these things seems pretty random. But because of the cross linking that we do, people reading the article interested in your content will surely find it quickly through the blogosphere.

  2. Hi Egon - no, there is nothing wrong with your blog (a lot right!)- lack of space in print means we can't fit in everything, and just had to take a tour around some of the internet. I hope the article will increase awareness generally (especially among print readers who don't use blogs and wikis) - and as Jean-Claude says, cross-linking should mean people who start looking will find the information that's out there.

  3. J-C/Richard, so far I have not seen a boost in visitors, but the article is of that depth that it should indeed make people start thinking in more detail about the discussed issues.