Thursday, April 03, 2008

T plus 18 hours: dr and preparing for the afterparty, umm ^w^w^w, CDK/Metabolomics/Chemometrics unconference

I am doctor now; I shall now be addressed as weledelzeergeleerde Egon; translating to something like quite-noble-very-knowledgeable, hahahaha. I'll put up a few photo's of the ceremony, which is actually quite formal at the Radboud University, later.

With this blog item, I would to thank everyone who left a message, sent email, etc with good luck messages. Very much appreciated! I'd also like to thank my supervisors, promotores Lutgarde Buydens and Peter Murray-Rust (he mentions the event here, and Ron Wehrens for their confidence in me and their guidance on the path towards the post-doc life. I also thank all those who attended my defense; I had a brilliant day, and actually enjoyed talking to those who took place in my promotion committee and who asked me the not-really-nasty-questions about my work.

CDK-Chemometrics in Metabolomics Unconference
For today, I organized a small, informal unconference, oriented around the CDK, chemometrics and metabolomics. I'm certain we will be online much of the day, as we typically do. The meeting will start around 10:00 CEST, but we'll attend a seminar by Marjana Novič at 11:00 CEST. If you happen to be in Nijmegen, just drop in on the Analytical Chemistry department. Otherwise, join the #cdk chat channel in the network.

What we'll do?? Hey, it's an unconference; we have no idea yet :)


  1. Congratulations, Egon!

  2. Congratulations, Egon.
    Have fun on the after parties!



  3. Congratulations!

    I always enjoy reading your blog entries. This post reminds me of my own Ph. D defense about 4 years ago. ;-)


  4. Egon...congratulations on this, only the latest of your accomplishments. Well deserved...but don't think it will allow you to relax ;-)

  5. Dear weledelzeergeleerde Egon, indeed! Great to hear that this event was extremely well celebrated.

    And I must agree with Christophe, the diploma is *big* indeed ;-)

    Anyway, best wishes for already accomplished and upcoming challenges!