Monday, September 01, 2008

Ubiquity fun: entering semantic markup as easy as running a Ubiquity command

Now, the DOI ubiquity scripts I just blogged about, was just the beginning of things. Me exploring the environment and learning the JavaScript language.

I start to become really interesting when we use these technologies to improve things. I am still not sure people will like the command line nature, but at least I will be a happy user. This is the setting: I'm blogging about some chemistry, like to add an InChI (or InChIKey) and add that cool sechemtic markup people have been blogging about, but I do not know (or want to know) the HTML details for that.

Well, no worries, no more. Here comes sechemtic-inchi (installer here)!

Step 1:
I type in the InChI I want in my blog (example showing that of methane):

And, I select the InChI:

After which I hit the Ubiquity shortcut (ALT-SPACE on Linux) and I type sechemtic-inchi:

And, viola, there is my RDFa HTML code for chemistry:

Now, with only minor amounts of fantasy, you can imagine where this is going: SMILES, InChiKey, etc, etc. Hook it up with chemistry webservices to autoconvert SMILES to InChIKeys, and Bob's your uncle.

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