Saturday, February 21, 2009

Bioclipse2 Scripting #2: searching PubChem

This week I have been porting the PubChem plugin for Bioclipse 1.2 to the new manager-based architecture. While still working on the Wizards, you can run the following JavaScript in Bioclipse2 from SVN and from the next beta (*):

*) There was some confusion on the two beta Bioclipse2 releases so far. Some people expected a release without any bugs left. That release is what we planned to call a Release Candidate. We agree that the first two betas at least turned out to be more alpha than we actually hoped, and we thank everyone who has given these releases a go. Those who tried several development releases of Bioclipse2 saw a lot of ongoing development, and we are fixing any bug reported on these releases. So, do not hesitate in reporting bugs!

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