Wednesday, February 04, 2009

YouTube for Chemistry

ChemSpider has set up embeddable chemistry widget (per Cameron's idea), much like YouTube. I just have to try that. Unlike YouTube, you need to be registered and logged in to use the functionality (I hope the requirement will be dropped):

There is an option to have ChemSpider link back to blog, and I will have to figure out how to enable Chemical blogspace to extract the InChI from the underlying JavaScripts.

Update: I noticed that the ChemSpider server was a bit sluggish this morning, and that loading my blog page halts at loading the JavaScript... Tony, I suggest to use some Ajax magic here, with a really fast JavaScript download (using an almost static bit of JavaScript), and then a Ajax to access to slower bits, which might involve image generation and database lookup.

Update2: the feature was already under development before Cameron asked about it.