Thursday, October 01, 2009

Google Wave Invite: but you need to work on the CDK and the CDKitty robot

I just posted to below email to the cdk-user mailing list. Next Monday, I'll decide.
Hi all,

unless you have not read any news in the last two days, you will have
seen that Google is rolling out a second batch of Google Wave
accounts... I have one invite for someone who wants to co-develop the
CDKitty robot, which adds CDK-based functionality to Google Wave...

The code is at:

If you are interested in the account, please email me offline with:

* how you think you can contribute to the robot
* why you want to do that
* how much time you will have for it

The position is open to anyway, and consider your email an application
to the position :) (and, if you are a student, we could even try to
arrange Uppsala University credit points, if you can work 20 weeks
full time on it).

BTW, existing Google Wave users can invite the robot by adding