Wednesday, November 18, 2009

CDK 1.2.4: the authors

The CDK 1.2.4 changelog I posted earlier was directly created from git output. Git has many features which makes such thing simple. Here's a list of authors of the 1.2.4 change set:
56 Egon Willighagen
9 Rajarshi  Guha
5 Stefan Kuhn
2 mark_rynbeek
1 Uli Köhler
1 Rajarshi Guha
1 Peter Odéus
1 Paul Turner
1 Miguel Rojas Cherto
1 Arvid Berg
This is just the number of commits, and many of mine are logistic in nature. You can also notice that Rajarshi has changed his name (removed the extraneous space :). Thanx to all of authors for contributing to this release! I am happy to see a few new names in this list, which seems to indicate that the people are settling in on the whole move from Subversion to Git.

This list was created with this command adapted from this StackOverflow question:
git log --pretty=format:%an cdk-1.2.3..cdk-1.2.4 | awk -- '{ ++c[$0]; } END { for(cc in c) printf "%5d %s\n",c[cc],cc; }' | sort -n -r


  1. git shortlog -s -n cdk-1.2.3..cdk-1.2.4

    do the same thing and is shorter