Saturday, January 30, 2010

CDK 1.2.5: the changes

Mostly license statement fixes (thanx to Andrew for caring about it!), and a bug fix in the UniversalIsomorphismTester:
  • Removed bit which explain how to apply the LGPL to source (fixes #2926775) 12e8e4f
  • Attached are some more license files. 47a226a
  • The log4j.jar is version 1.2.15. 834ade8
  • More completed files attached. 9e88243
  • They were incomplete, as many other files still are. 261795f
  • Added a QA target ae661aa
  • Use local PMD and JUnit reports if available 35550bd
  • Added option to run it on just one module fcdad41
  • Added info for dependencies e4a90b1
  • Created a list, to be able to add license information 5b5e54d
  • Added missing copyright/license header 8dee40d
  • Catch a SocketException when there is no internet 5737371
  • Output where it is working on 7693308
  • Removed empty lines 53e60f9
  • Added initial license information, based on the information sent by Stefan 17b3c0c
  • Update code example in JavaDoc reflecting the current API (fixes #2914791) 75b4457
  • Updated UIT matching for the single atom case so that it correctly handles queries that are plain atom containers bbc8f60
  • Package fixing release: fixed building JavaDoc from source dist e151326
  • Added missing references file to the source dist (full and pure) 1cd2124
  • Removed source folders of Doclets, which are not part of the release, and should not be compiled for JavaDoc generation anyway dc8e5e7
  • Added a test to MoleculeSetTest, which tests that the clone() does not change the MoleculeSEt 42915c4
  • Added some extra lines, hopefully fixing the conflicts all the time b867fb2

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