Thursday, January 28, 2010

Semantic Web features in Bioclipse 2.2

Ola is releasing Bioclipse 2.2.0 today, and asked me to show case the semantic web functionality in Bioclipse. I realized that I do not have a nice page showing the semantic web overview. But I did blog a lot about RDF functionality, so here's a list of pointers:
Or check this screenshot from a Posterous post about a MyExperiment workflow:

One thing I have not blogged about yet (I think), is that the Bioclipse RDF manager also understands RDFa now. Well, sort of... it relies on a webservice, but this is what the script looks like:
model = rdf.createStore()
rdf.importRDFa(model, "")
rdf.saveRDFN3(model, "/Virtual/egonw.n3")
With support of SPARQL end points, and reading RDF from web resources directly (RDF/XML, N3, RDFa), Bioclipse is ready for the chemical semantic web.