Saturday, May 08, 2010

Web 2.0 technologies in Student Assessment

Below should show up the wave (that is, if you have a Google Wave account), about a piece I am writing for a course on PhD Supervision I am following. The aim is to dig up old standards and how they apply to Web 2.0 technologies, including wikis, waves, blogs, source code repositories etc.

Update: there seems to be some problems even for those who have a wave account to load the wave. Not sure why that is happening. I'm using the Madoqua robot; should I be using something else?


  1. I get "you are not a participant in this wave" and "loading ...", still nothing is happening ?

  2. Mmm... I observed the same earlier when trying to access to help page for the Igor bot... :( No clue how to solve that...

    All: please let me know if it is working for you... it might be some server is too busy, perhaps?

  3. I see the same as Joerg, I am not a participant and loading.

  4. Joerg, Julio, how about now? Can you try again? I now added the Public bot, with RO access. Does that help?

  5. Egon, looks good now. BTW, is there somewhere a link to the original wave (just wondering)? When I click on the date I get an option copying the content to a new wave, still I do not know the original one.

    On the other hand, looks pretty secure to me with that integration option (aka no one can mess around with it) in a blog and I really like it.

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