Thursday, September 16, 2010

Call for Papers: Thematic Series about RDF in Chemistry

As a follow up of the ACS RDF 2010 Symposium we just had in Boston, I can announce that we are preparing a thematic series in the Journal of Cheminformatics around this theme, and that at least six speakers will present their work in this series.

However, as it was the goal of the meeting to create an active and collaborating community, we feel it important to open up, and make encourage others too to submit papers to the series that are about the use of Resource Description Framework in chemistry. The exact scope of the series is that of the symposium, of which all abstracts and some slide sets are available here.

Therefore, it is my pleasure to send around this encouragement to submit papers:

    As organizers of the ACS RDF 2010 Symposium held at the American Chemical Society meeting in Boston in August 2010 (, we would like to encourage you to submit a paper to a Thematic Series of papers around the use of Resource Description Framework (RDF) in chemistry, in the Journal of Cheminformatics ( Six speakers have already agreed to participate.

    Journal of Cheminformatics was launched in March 2009 as a fully Open Access cheminformatics journal. Papers published in this journal benefit the cheminformatics community through the free, widespread and unrestricted readership that Open Access offers. As organizers of the ACS RDF 2010 symposium, we believe that it is important to share research in this area within the cheminformatics community as much as possible. The journal is peer reviewed, has unrestricted article length, and unlimited use of color illustrations, supplementary files, etc., making it an excellent platform to both give an overview of scientific progress, but being able to go into detail at the same time. Authors retain complete copyright to their published paper.

    An example Thematic Series is available at:

    We would be pleased to explore this opportunity further with you, so if you have any comments or questions e.g. about the scope of the thematic issue, article type, or otherwise, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

    Submission Deadline: 28 November 2010 Submission Info (process, fees, policies): Looking forward to hearing from you, with kind regards, Egon Willighagen Martin Braendle

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