Monday, September 27, 2010

Visualizing data embedded in XHTML+RDFa

Orion picked up my challenge and made an web based application to graph data from one of my XHTML-RDFa pages. Well done! He wrote his work up in his blog of which the results looks like:

The text field shows the SPARQL used to aggregate the data, which is then visualized in the plot below that field. You can edit the SPARQL and, for example, plot the boiling point (t) as function of the number of carbons (p):

This work nicely shows some interesting McPrinciples: it shows what happens if we allow reuse and share our knowledge; it shows that nice graphics and semantic access to original data are very compatible. All in all, this is an important step forward to semantic publishing of chemical data! Orion, thanx for this really nice work!