Thursday, December 30, 2010

Blogging as part of your workflow

Today is the last day I work on Oscar in my position in Cambridge (tomorrow I have a day off and fly back to Sweden). Three months go quick indeed. Next Monday I start my position in Stockholm at the IMM department at the Karolinska Institutet on predictive toxicology. Back in Sweden, it is. Well, of course, I worked from home most of the time anyway.

So, today it is time for me to write up a report for the last three months. This blog item is basically a prelude, or procrastination, or so. People sometimes ask me how I find time to blog so much. The trick is just make blogging part of your workflow. So, small scripts I use in finishing another task form a blog post (e.g. Converting JSON to RDF/XML with Groovy). I started blogging (in 2005) to actually optimize my workflow. I was sending the same message ("have you seen this interesting webpage") to several mailing lists, often tuning it a bit to the audience. Now, by just posting it in a blog, I removed the need for tuning, and as a bonus, would reach a much larger audience too. Actually, with more then 300 unique visitors a week, I cannot complain.

Neither can I complain about the amount of discussion it triggers. It's like having my own private symposium:

Anyways, time to go back to blogging about Oscar...

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