Monday, January 17, 2011

The 9th International Conference on Chemical Structures (ICCS)

Later this year the ninth International Conference on Chemical Structures (ICSS) conference will be held in the Netherlands. I had the pleasure of joining this meeting, I think, eight years ago, when I was doing my PhD in Nijmegen. Mind you, I did not attend the conference; I helped with the organization ;) That was a good deal, particularly because I got to meet many cheminformaticians while working behind the registration desk ;)

Actually, my gravatar still reflects that meeting, as it is a picture taken on the boat trip on the Markermeer. That was one great boat trip: I steered a driemaster, and helped out on the boat on ropes outside the deck, meters above the water. Cheminformatics can be so nice! The photo was taken during a calmer part of that boat trip :)

Back to the ICCS. It's one of the bigger cheminformatics meetings, and likely the best after the yearly GCC meetings. Mind you, the term cheminformatics reflects more the methods than the domains. Indeed, the meeting's Call for Papers lists many topics highly relevant to my position here at KI, including chemogenomics, (Q)SAR, literature mining, "integration of medical and biological information" (including semantic web technologies), and in-silico analysis of toxicology, drug safety, and adverse events.

Depending on the schedule this year, I may actually submit an abstract based on what we will do in the next year, and see what happens. The CfP deadline is 31 January.