Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My professional network (according to LinkedIn)

LinkedIn has a nice new visualization app, InMaps. I quite like LinkedIn, though not all aspects, but most anyway. I particularly like it focuses on work-relationships. This new app visualizes my professional network, and colors it by network organization:

This one is just a static image, but as creator, you get a zoomable and interactive version. In the image I have labeled the various colored groups that were mined in my network. It is nice to see my positions to show up. The CUBIC is missing as group, but that I can explain by the fact that it has a very strong overlap with my involvement in open source cheminformatics. However, I have no apology for the lack of Uppsala University subgraph. I am embarrassed to say that this likely reflects my inability to really settle in in that position, other than my direct colleges, who are now floating around. Another reason might simply be that Uppsala University is underrepresented on LinkedIn.

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