Thursday, February 17, 2011

OPSIN used for a Bioclipse wizard

Somewhere in January I added a new New Wizard to Bioclipse for OPSIN, but forgot to blog about that earlier, which will be available in Bioclipse 2.6 later this year (or just the hudson build service).

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  1. Great stuff - looks useful.

    What would be truly fantastic (er, literally at the moment) would be a "New Molecule Set from Formula" wizard, that would generate the chemical space...

    Anyone with know-how in canonical checking or structure generation is welcome to help make this a reality :)

  2. I like that too.

    @gilleain: Maybe you could do an InChI search on the Chemical Structure Identifier Resolver with the truncated InChI. Not quite what you are talking about, but maybe close...

  3. @baoilleach : Well, my suggestion was only half-serious. I think it would be a bad idea to allow users to type in "C1000H2000" and lock the process forever :)

    Your suggestion has more merit, I think. Other 'small' spaces might be tautomers, as with Mark's recent CDK patch. Or Kekulé structures if I could work out how to adapt Edmond's Path/Tree/Flower algorithm (or some other method).

  4. Kekule structures are just resonance structures. Those you can already do with Miguel's code, though I would need to figure out first how the API works... (would make an interesting section for my CDK book perhaps...)

  5. @Noel. Yeah, 'searching' in online databases is currently a bit of a miss right now. You can search on 'name' in PubChem and ChemSpider, but something like substructure search is indeed needed.

    BTW, I very much like the idea of searching on truncated InChIs...

  6. Oh, and please file your ideas as feature requests at:

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