Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Running R from within Bioclipse

One rarely know feature of Bioclipse is that you use it to run R code. This functionality has been around for a while from experimental, and recently updated to use rJava by Carl. In the next months we will improve passing around data between Bioclipse and the R session, providing a richer chemometrics experience. And, with a bit of luck, it will be part of the upcoming 2.6 release.

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  1. Why you don't reuse StatET? It provides a great R integration for Eclipse.

  2. That looks really neat! I'll see what it can do for Bioclipse, which has a manager approach to integrate various functional libraries, but the least we are likely to use is the R file editor.

  3. Hi Egon,

    Is the R plugin functionality available under EPL? We would like to use it in a workbench we are developing for synchrotron science,



  4. Yes, it is, with generally the exception that GPL extensions are fine too, overcoming an incompatibility between a pure EPL and GPL. This exception explicitly allows GPL plugins to use the EPL plugins.

    The source code can be found here:

    (Please forgive me/us if we are a bit sloppy with license/copyright information in features, and you are kindly invited to file bug reports for instances where you believe such info should be added at

    BTW, looks really cool!