Saturday, May 21, 2011

CDK 1.2.9: the changes, the authors, and the reviewers

The CDK 1.2.9 release does not contain overly many patches, something you'd expect from a bug fix only series, and has instead a few atom type perception patches, and a patch by Onkar simplifying building of Debian package:
  • Added Onkar Shinde, a Debian developer who recently patched the build system 95ad780
  • Fixed detection of P.ate atom types with one implicit hydrogen d619db2
  • Added unit tests for bug #3141611 ea248f3
  • Fixed detection of PH3 with implicit hydrogens 989b151
  • Added a unit test for a failing sulphur AT detection + fix: 3 coordinate sulphur without double bonds has one implicit hydrogen and is S.anyl 32f9aaa
  • Use wildcards (*) in jar file references. This fixes the problem while packaging the library for Debian as jar versions in Debian may not match with upstream. 82d76f2
  • Use IAtomContainer instead of AtomContainer in AtomContainerSet 4e2e66c
(Made with git log --oneline cdk-1.2.8..cdk-1.2.9 | sed 's/\([a-f0-9]*\)\s\(.*\).*/<li>\2 <a href="http:\/\/\/git\/gitweb.cgi?p=cdk\/cdk;a=commit;h=\1">\1<\/a><\/li>/'.)

The Authors
6  Egon Willighagen
  1  Onkar Shinde
  1  Gilleain Torrance
(Made with git shortlog -s -n cdk-1.2.8..cdk-1.2.9.)

The Reviewers
2  Rajarshi Guha 
  1  Jonathan Alvarsson
  1  Egon Willighagen 
(Made with git log cdk-1.2.8..cdk-1.2.9 | grep Signed-off | cut -d':' -f2 | cut -d'<' -f1 | sort | uniq -c.)

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