Friday, May 06, 2011

ChEMBL-RDF now linking to CrossRef

CrossRef reported recently they started supporting RDF, which is great news indeed! The RDF version of ChEMBL I created already contained the DOI, so the patch to link out was simple.

I have updated the docs.n3 for the downloads I prepared, which can simply be loaded into your triples store. A typical change looks like, so loading the new triples will only add triples, and URIs of papers are not changed:

@@ -742,6 +802,7 @@
  dc:isPartOf jrn:jaf567f18f5617b0fe77d704fe8f61a3e .
res:r91 a bibo:Article ;
  bibo:doi "10.1016/S0960-894X(01)80794-0" ;
+ owl:sameAs <> ;
  dc:date "1991" ;
  bibo:volume "1" ;
  bibo:issue "3" ;

Info on the license (CC-SA-BY), and which two papers you are asked to cite if you use this data, can be found here. Oh, and have a peek at the series on database cheminformatics by John (part1, part2, part3)!

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