Saturday, June 25, 2011

From the archives: Chemical Web, and the CDK in 2004

I am working my way through an enormous pile of CDs, DVDs, both a mix of RO and RW disks, selecting those I will throw away, like old GParted, KNOPPIX and Debian install disks, as well as a few legal copies of old Microsoft software (like a Win98 boot disk). I also found a disk with two presentations I gave in 2004. They are fun to read. The one I gave at ExemplarChem is a bit sad, as I presented stuff there I developed even before 2004, which is still not common ground today :/

 Also note the mention of DADML, something I did for the Woordenboek Organische Chemie, to standardize the access of remote database... well, let's hope I can find my Qiwi presentation in Washington in 2000 too. Damn... I keep amaze myself. [/sarcasm].

BTW, I also passed a CD with quite a bit of software that was around in the late nineties. Quite a few interesting things. A shame I cannot share this, because it was not Open Source :/

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