Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Blogs I Follow: Henry Rzepa

Just in case you have not run into Henry's blog yet, check it out. His blog makes me so jealous I did not follow up on my basic quantum chemistry education. Implementing Hartree-Fock in Fortran is not nearly as interesting or useful as the stuff he has been blogging about. A second reason you should, is his brilliant use of Jmol (Henry is one of those using Jmol for more than 10 years). This is his blog in action:

His double gravatar is not vanity, but a bug in one of blog extensions he is using creating those blue z icons. I think the French in the blog title is, while unlikely for British I always understood, deliberate.

Henry, if you're reading this... what about adding permalinks to those Jmol visualizations (or DOIs, like data cites)? Second, I'd love to be able to download to be able to download a visualization, and open it in Jmol or Bioclipse. Would such be possible in CML or JVXL (think datument)?