Sunday, October 02, 2011

Robert Hanson: "Jmol 12.2.0 ready for release"

Robert Hanson is, as most of my readers now, the current project leader and lead developer of Jmol, assisted by many translators (you can help here) and Nico as release manager. Robert just sent out the message that the next stable series is ready for release. With 224 new features, he shows his enthusiasm for Jmol has not quite slowed down yet :) I sometime miss working on the successful Jmol, but I do not regret giving way to Miguel Howard and Robert Hanson which have taken Jmol to higher levels.

One of the new cool features is the contact command, which Robert demoed at the Gordon Research Conference on Visualization In Science & Education earlier this summer (yeah, autumn does not quite seem to have started in Europe yet). With this, supramolecular interactions can be conveniently visualized (click the images for the Jmol applet version):

And in protein:

Of course, creating the Jmol script to create these informative visualizations is another story. The online documentation helps, as well as Herrez' book. I still hope to find time at some point to have interactive documention in Bioclipse, perhaps based on content from Proteopedia, which uses Jmol in a MediaWiki, and notice all the green links, which run a Jmol script to highlight a particular bit of chemistry for that biological system. Recommended reading.

Congratulations to all involved in this Jmol (upcoming) release!

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