Monday, February 06, 2012

We need your submission! #openrescomp

Change is scary. Submitting your application paper to a new journal certainly. When that journal requires your have a strategy for code testing and maintenance even more.

Hence, the Open Research Computation dillema.

We you may or may not know, I'm on the editorial board of the yet-to-kick-of journal Open Research Computation (ORC, official website). People are scared to submit, and even the editors are reluctant with submitting work. Myself I have found the excuse of no time, to not submit something yet.

Indeed, application papers are the extra sugar, but projects and project deadlines favor a slightly different kind of paper. And, some uncertainty lies in the fact that ORC may not reach the same impact the NAR database special issue has.

However, I call upon everyone in the Open Science community, to submit a paper to ORC, describing your documented software and how it is tested. We need a sufficiently filled pipeline to make this happen.


  • your CRAN/BioConductor package
  • your software you used for a data analysis of an already published paper (clue: it gives you a chance to cite that paper in a meaningful way)
  • your Cytoscape, Bioclipse, Taverna plugin that was too small for a BMC Bioinformatics / JChemInf paper
Well, surprise me! If you are uncertain about the minimal publishable unit for ORC, please contact Cameron.

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