Friday, March 09, 2012

Bioclipse and SADI

I do have to apologize to the Dumontier Lab... Michel visited us when I was still in Uppsala University (so, that's way too long ago), and we spoke about SADI, a really interesting framework for semantic computing. At thought that at the time, and I still do. But, I never got around to playing with it... but this week was so weird, I had to get my mind off... so, time for some random hacking...

Thus, a SADI manager (client) for Bioclipse. Why? Because I can. Two minutes to have the Bioclipse SDK set up a new plugin template, two hours to decide that one by one copying Maven dependencies is the worst waste of time ever, two minutes to figure out how git svn clone for just the last few Subversion commits works again, five minutes of cloning, two minutes of running mvn assembly:assembly, three minutes of figuring out what to add to the pom.xml again, one minute of running mvn assembly:single, and three minutes of waiting for the registry triples to be loaded after calling the Registry.getAllServices() method:
> sadi.listServices()

The code is available from the bioclipse.rdf repository.

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