Saturday, April 07, 2012

Lördags goodies #1: a Chemical Identifier Resolver plugin for Bioclipse

Saturdays is day where I am normally so tired, but my important inbox has gone down sufficiently, that I treated myself with some lördags goodies. So, I hacked up a Bioclipse plugin to interact with Markus Sitzmann's Chemical Identifier Resolver (here are his recent ACS slides). I'll post the code to my GitHub account shortly, and here's the obligatory screenshot:

The matching BSL script:"morphine"))

Also note the script log just above, where I searched for name. This returns multiple hits, but then I get a HTML page, making the command work. For now, I will inspect the content and check if it is HTML, other read it into a structure, and otherwise fail with a BioclipseException.

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