Sunday, October 07, 2012

What would you do with 5M euro?

Two weeks ago an experienced researcher asked me this question. I was speechless. I am not sure the other understood that I was more wondering where to start, with so many things I want to get done, or whether I had literally no idea how to spend that other than propagating my current post-doc position.

Thoughts that blasted through my mind in random order: make the CDK 1000x faster, finish the orbital development kit, make a chemically decent Connectivity Map, run weekly, untargetted metabolomics on my body fluids for one full year (and three months) - that is about where my opponent began wondering if I had any ideas, I think -, do the same for the plants in my garden, do nanoQSAR (and in fact, I am writing this up for 4 million as we speak), develop a linked data, CCZero PubChem/ChemSpider alternative, make a database with the original literature on the first 1M organic compounds ever discovered (starting with ureum)... seriously, I have many more ideas; don't get me started on doing boring things like studying a single disease; we have M.Sc. students for that.

Five million? Bring it on!


  1. Don't pick on the MSc students... Poor us...:P But I can also think of a number of things to spend 5 million euros on;)

    1. Oh no! No, that was not supposed to be picking on MSc students! Au contraire! It was to say that much of the current research is so basic and short (pure publishing pressure), you can do it in a 6/12 month student project, and so repetitive that it does not need a PhD (degree) to actually do it.

      Well, that did not help much, did it? ;)

    2. hahaha, no worries:) nice post, btw!