Wednesday, November 07, 2012

The #OpenScience Working Group needs you

Since some time I have been member of the Open Science working group of the Open Knowledge Foundation. As such, I organized lunch meetings in Stockholm about Open Science (join this mailing list) and participated in working group efforts, such is running Is It Open Data (RIP) on the HCLS LODD data sets (many of them turned out to not be Open at all). Also, I love to have Open Science lunch meetings in Maastricht (and/or in Eindhoven), and if you do too, join this mailing list.

But the working group does a lot more, and this week Jenny Molloy send out a call for participation. There are a lot of possibilities; she wrote:
    Dear All,
    As we have grown to over 400 people on the mailing
    list and activities have expanded it would be great
    to form a committee with a few more people on board to
    make sure the working group is as effective as
    possible in achieving our mission of opening up
    science and scientific research outputs.
    If you'd be interested in getting more involved in
    running the group and our activities and projects,
    get in touch! It would also be great to have
    representatives in local areas willing to act as
    open science champions in their own countries or
    The types of roles we'd like to fill are below, as
    well as a reminder of some of the projects we've got
    on the go. The time commitment will be flexible and
    relatively low, but it will make a big difference to
    have someone keeping an eye on specific areas! If you
    know anyone not on the list who might be interested
    in getting involved, please forward this message to
    Working group coordinator (working with Jenny)
    - Blog Editor
    - Tech/Dev Lead
    - Event Organiser
    - Designer
    Active Projects:
    - Panton Principles and Panton Fellowships
    - Content Mining Manifesto
    - pyBOSSA
    - Open Research Data Handbook
    - Open Science blog
    Tools and activities from other working groups of
    special interest:
    - BibServer (developed by Open Bibliography)
    - Open Access Index (@ccess and Open Bibliography)
    - DataHub (CKAN Team)
    - Who Needs Access? (@ccess)
    If you have any questions, please let me know - I
    look forward to hearing from you!
Really, there is really a lot you have to do, and as Peter Murray-Rust replied to Jenny's call, you do not have to be paid as scientist to join!

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