Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Attending the QNano^WQualityNano meeting in Prague

I flew in this morning and now attending the QualityNano (until recently called QNano, see their announcement on the right) conference in Prague. The meeting attracted over 100 people (probably closer to 200) working in the field of safety of nanomaterials, and the talks are of quite good quality and rather interesting so far. There are many, many posters too, among two of mine. One shows my nanoQSAR work the other showing the Open PHACTS examplars.

Many of the talks so far study or involve the inflammatory pathway as route of response to exposure to nanomaterials. It seems WikiPathways has several related pathways, like these two (using the Pathway Widget; both for human):

Inflammatory Response Pathway

Interleukin-11 Signaling Pathway

Several new pathway alternatives were presented, among one signaling pathway which requires a cellular bilayer to function; a single layer of cells does not make the signal possible at all.

(For the non-techies among my readers, ^W is the shortcut in many editors for deleting the left-side word seen from the cursor.)

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