Sunday, October 06, 2013

Last CDK-JChemPaint release based on CDK 1.4.x

With CDK master improving day by day now, it is time to stop working with CDK 1.4. Thus, there is one final CDK-JChemPaint release based on this currently still stable CDK release: version 29. Nothing really changed, except for it being based on CDK 1.4.19. And I have also updated the Groovy-JCP code example, resulting in release 29 (yeah, the version numbers follow the CDK-JChemPaint patch). In fact, I have already rebased CDK-JChemPaint on CDK master, and will try to release Groovy-JCP 30 these days too. On the right there is a depiction of a structure as output of one of the scripts, showing CIP chirality labeling (and transparent element symbol labels too).

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