Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Network of BioThings: the EU hackathon

Very soon an international hackathon will take place: the Network of BioThings, with events in the USA and in Maastricht, The Netherlands. As I am traveling back from the NanoTox 2014 meeting, I will not be able to join in person, sadly, but will try to join online from Eindhoven.

The hackathon includes lunch, pizza, is synchronized between continents, and is aimed at:
  • Hackers and Mentors
  • Biologists, Text Miners and Data Wranglers
  • Ontologists, Terminologists, and Data Linkers
  • Semantic Web novices and experts
  • Systems and Network Biologists
  • Crowdsourcing experts and functional game designers
  • Skills in Large Text/Data Indexing, Facet Search and Browse, and REST APIs
  • Domain experts to advise on motivating use cases
Registration is open!

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