Sunday, November 22, 2015

Got access to literature?

Got access to literature? Only yesterday I discovered that resolving some Nature Publishing Group DOIs do not necessarily lead to useful information. High quality metadata about literature is critical for the future of science. Elsevier just showed how creative publishers can be in interpreting laws and licenses (doi:10.1038/527413f).

So, it may be interesting to regularly check your machine readable Open Access metadata. ImpactStory helps here with their Open Access Badge. New to me was what Daniel pointed me to: dissemin (@disseminOA). Just pass your ORCID and you end up with a nice overview of what the world knows about the open/closed status of your output.

I would not say my report is flawless, but that nicely shows how important it is to get this flow of metadata right! For example, there are some data sets and abstracts detected as publications; fairly, I think this is to a good extend my inability to annotate them properly in my ORCID profile.

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