Saturday, December 09, 2017 every house a library

Two weeks ago someone made me aware of This new social profile page allows you to digitize a list of your books. That in itself is already very useful. In the past I have made some efforts to create overviews of the books I own. If only to get some count, with respect to insurance, etc. But a very neat feature is the ability to find other people in your neighborhood with whom you may exchange books: for each book you can indicate who can see you own that book (no one, by default; if not mistaken, inheriting the ugw approach of UNIX), and if others can borrow or buy this book.

This shows users with public profiles in The Netherlands, showing the uptake has not been massive yet, but I'm hoping this post changes that :)

But the killer feature I am waiting for is a map like this, but then for books. Worldcat has a feature where it lists you the nearest library that has a copy of the book you are looking for:

And such a feature (map or list) would be brilliant for every house would potentially be a library. That idea appeals to me.

Oh, and it's Wikidata-based but that should hardly be a surprise.

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