Saturday, August 04, 2018

WikiPathways Summit 2018

I was not there when WikiPathways was founded; I only joined in 2012 and I found my role in the area of metabolic pathways of this Open knowledge base (CC0, to be precise) of biological processes. This autumn, A WikiPathways Summit 2018 is organized in San Francisco to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the project, and everyone interested is kindly invited to join for three days of learning about WikiPathways, integrations, and use cases, data curation, and hacking on this great Open Science project.

Things that I would love to talk about (besides making metabolic pathways FAIR and Openly available) are the integrations with other platforms (Reactome, RaMP, MetaboLights, Pathway Commons, PubChem, Open PHACTS (using the RDF), etc, etc), Wikidata interoperability, and future interoperability with platoforms like AOPWiki, Open Targets, BRENDA, Europe PMC, etc, etc, etc.

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