Monday, November 21, 2005

Bioclipse: the chemo-/bioinformatics workbench

Some weeks back there was the CDK5AW, the CDK 5th anniversiry workshop. A small group of international open source chemo-, bioinformatics software developers met, among which two from Sweden. It was then decided to generalize their work resulting in Bioclipse:

It's heavily using the Eclipse Rich Client Platform, making additional plugins trivial. OK, if this does not convinve you: check the screenshots on the Bioclipse website.

It's a killer, really! Ola, Martin: great work!

PS. I am going to try to run it with free Java virtual machines this weekend, but if you have a working solution earlier than that, please leave a comment and screenshot in the comments.

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  1. Pending some SWT_AWT problem in Eclipse, Bioclipse runs with JamVM 1.3.3. and Classpath 1.18:

    bioclipse -vm /usr/bin/jamvm

    The SWT_AWT problem applies to the 2D rendering and the Jmol plugins. I do believe however, that Jmol and CDK's Renderer2D can be used without using Swing classes.

    If someone reads this how to setup a plugin with third party stuff that does paint(Graphics) using a SWT graphics object...