Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Knoppix saves the day...

After the three obligatory days of christmas holidays (fun, especially with two children, but very exhausting), it is time to get back to business again. I'm still at my father-in-laws place with only XP installed, so booted the Knoppix 4.0.2 DVD I burned last friday. Eclipse is not working, but being able to use Kmail to read my email again is just what you need as in internet-junkie. A computer is just not complete without a nice KDE session hanging around.

Anyway, booted eclipse on my computer at work, and tunneled the window over SSH. Not overly fast, but it seems to run fine. (If only I knew how to setup NX on that Kubuntu breezy system!) Let's see if I can get the CDK bug count somewhat lower.


  1. Hi Egon

    I assume that you have actaully tried to setup NX? Or is it just that you haven't looked into it yet?

    I have read about NX on Ubuntu and as far as I could understand it shouldn't be that difficult. I might of cause be wrong?

  2. Hi Anonymous,

    No, I have never tried it before, but realized this week that it would have been very handy...

    The Ubuntu Wiki has a page on FreeNX and a section on how to make deb packages for amd64 machines. I'm now compiling those...


  3. Hi again

    Didn't mean to be anonymous - just forgot to sign. Will do this time.

    Check this one it will give you a link to packages as well:

    Kind regards

    claus stie kallesøe