Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Four graph mining methods integrated in ParMol

Joerg Wegner mentioned in his blog the graph mining program ParMol which integrates four mining algorithms: MoSS (aka MoFa) and Gaston, which I mentioned in November last year, and FFSM and gSpan, which I did not know about yet. ParMol provides a common interface to the four different algorithms and is, like the four mining modules, licensed GPL. An interesting aspect is that Gaston was originally written in C++.


  1. Egon,
    thanks for clarifying, and here are more details about those algorithms and several other mining methods in this area. But, the page is already outdated (wow, that's fast follow-up science!:)
    And check also the Wikipedia entry for that. The entries are still stub, but comes time comes documentation *lol*
    Best, Joerg

  2. Joerg,

    have you had success running the ParMol? I complaints with me about the file formats, though I am following the help page on the web...

    BTW, I am seriously considering taking part in a Dutch 'Summer of Code' initiative as mentor, and will likely put 'porting one of these algorithms to CDK' up as one project idea...