Wednesday, May 24, 2006

XML validation on Eclipse with Web Tools Platform

Yesterday I installed the Eclipse Web Tools Platform again, and now succesfully, using the Eclipse update mechanism, on my Kubuntu dapper eclipse install. Because it has a validating XML editor, the one last thing I still needed jEdit for. (I do miss the vertical selection feature of jEdit, though.) It signals me of errors, and allows autocompletion.

Now I can validate all Chemical Markup Langauge files I have around, which is very useful for those I use to make sure CDK and Bioclipse is working properly. I just need to make sure I use the namespace, for example as in this example from CDK SVN:

<cml title="Regression tests for valid XML Schema documents for CML 2.3"

xsi:schemaLocation=" ../../../io/cml/data/cml23.xsd">

Now, I do have some questions. Firstly, does WTP allow recycling of the XML editor? That is, can I use their validating XML editor in, for example, Bioclipse? Would I just depend on the right plugin jars from WTP, or is it more complicated? Alternatively, since in RCP all is a plugin, can WTP be installed as plugin in Bioclipse directly??

Secondly, does Kubuntu or Debian sid have binary packages for WTP? I think to remember having read something about this, in relation with splitting up the WTP into smaller, more specific plugins. Anyone?


  1. Egon, have you ever tried XMLBuddy. This has maybe the functionality you are looking for;-)

  2. Well, we need something open source for Bioclipse. XMLBuddy is not, and therefore not an option for me.

    WTP is open source and seems to offer this, but we are yet unsure if we can rip out the right classes for XML validation...