Monday, July 03, 2006

AVI movies of CMLRSS howto in Bioclipse

David Strumfels posted news about the Useful Chemistry CMLRSS feed. He explains how this feed can be accessed using Jmol and Bioclipse. The latter are accompanied by two AVI movies: one about creating a new OPML file, and one about accessing the CMLRSS file from the OPML.


  1. Egon - one thing we were wondering when looking at reading CMLRSS with Bioclipse - it didn't seem to be designed to alert the user to new molecules or molecular info. Does it have a way of indicating new posts?

  2. No, the CMLRSS plugin for Bioclipse does not have a cache (yet). We are working on database support, though, which will make that easy.