Friday, August 25, 2006

Chemical blogspace

We all know chemical space; Chemical blogspace (Cb) is different: it is the chemistry discussed in blogspace. Cb is build on the opensource software of which I bloged on before. The now running Cb aggregates 19 blogs and, like the original, extracts linked (cited or reviewed) articles from literature.

The system is beta, but I am happy about it already that I mention it now. For example, some article titles are not properly recognized, and some journals are known in the statistics in several formats. And, more importantly, I have not yet hooked in the InChI support I developed earlier.

So, if you like the idea, or know other interesting scientifically interesting chemistry blogs, leave a comment, or send me email.

1 comment:

  1. Egon,

    great idea ... thats one of my main problems at the moment ... high impact information ... so, which other blogs can you recommend and how to add articles to chemical blogspace?

    I would also like to see some drug design and medicinal chemistry entries there