Monday, August 14, 2006

Classpath 0.92 has been released

Bling! Bling!. Mark Wielaard announced the GNU Classpath 0.92 release, with the following changes: an alternative awt peer implementation based on Escher that uses the X protocol directly. Various ImageIO providers for png, gif and bmp images. Support for reading and writing midi files and reading .au and .wav files have been added. Various tools and support classes have been added for jar, native2ascii, serialver, keytool, jarsigner. A GConf based util.peers backend has been added. Support for using alternative root certificate authorities with the security and crypto packages. Start of and runtime lang.managment runtime support. NIO channels now support scatter-gather operations.

GNU Classpath

This means new items on my TODO list: remove the dust from the CDK based test suite, test if Jmol, JChemPaint, Taverna still work, and report the outcome on the Classpath website. I wonder how the Cairo and Escher patches for AWT and Swing affect my favorite chemblaics tools.

BTW, that the Classpath team appreciates such testing efforts is clear from the foto in the 'Bling! Bling!' blog by Mark mentioned above.

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