Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Molecular Chemometrics

I just found out that a review article that I wrote earlier this year got printed: Molecular Chemometrics (DOI: 10.1080/10408340600969601), with my personal view on the interplay between chemoinformatics and chemometrics. The review discusses interesting developments in the last five years, and was fun writing (reading too, I think :). It has four major topics:
  • molecular representation (with 'molecular descriptors' and 'beyond the molecule')
  • chemical space, similarity and diversity
  • activity and property modeling (with 'dimension reduction' and 'model validation')
  • library searching, which mostly focuses on semantic web developments

Comments most welcome; just leave them below this blog item, or blog about the article yourself :)

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  1. Hi Egon,
    I cannot read your article, they want 28 bucks...

    Why not publish in OA (PLos One or BMC)?

    Can you publish a post-print here?
    If not, can you sen me a electronic reprint please? Thanks alot.

    I think Taylor and Francis is a yellow publisher.

    Publisher: Taylor & Francis
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    Post-print: tick subject to Restrictions below, author can archive post-print (ie final draft post-refereeing)

    * 12 month embargo for STM Journals
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    * Some individual journals may have policies prohibiting pre-print archiving
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    * On a non-profit server
    * Published source must be acknowledged
    * Must link to publisher version

    They state: "Thus the electronic version of any paper accepted by and published in the Journal is available in the public domain, as the definitive version."

    Confusion ?!?

    Sherpa Romeo
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