Sunday, March 25, 2007

Arrived in Chicago...

I arrived in Chicago yesterday afternoon. Much warmed than the cold Chicago the ACS promised me, so my winter coat was really not necessary. Is this global warming? Or was the ACS simply wrong? Anyway, very foggy indeed, just like the Chemistry World blog wrote:

There were several other Dutch chemists on the plane, among which a few formed postdocs from Nijmegen, who I knew from the time I was still a M.Sc. student in organic chemistry. The plane was nice too, a Boeing 747, the first time I flew with one. OK, there now is the new Airbus, so the Boeing has lost some of its prestige, but here's the image anyway:

The 380 is actually supposed to be in Chicago, but I did not see it. OK, going for breakfast now, and to the ACS conference site afterwards.


  1. Having lived in the Chicago area for 4 years during my Ph.D. I can attest that the weather this time of year changes very abruptly.

    I've seen days when it snows in the morning and then by afternoon is quite nice, warm and sunny.

    That's just how early spring can be in Chicago. Warm one day, cold the next, and vice versa. Hopefully the forecast is correct and you'll really get some nice warmer weather!

  2. Yeah, 26 degrees celsius is really OK :) Weird with not leaves on the three though.