Thursday, March 22, 2007

Chicago (Bulls), here I come!

I had some fun today with making prints of reservations etcetera for my trip to the ACS conference in Chicago. Went over to the website to make a print of the location of the hotel I am in. (Intercontinental Chicago: in case you want to leave me a message to meet up over breakfast or so.) Anyway, so at the ACS website I found a notice that the ACS Housing people closed down and that I should contact the hotel directly. Fine, no problem. Oh wait, my hotel is not in the list. No worries, I just enter my last name and acknowledgment number. Huh, they don't know me?? Already worried about which bridge to use as backup alternative, I emailed the organization which now takes care of it, being answered some 15 minutes later that they no longer do the hotel administration for that ACS conference anymore. That indeed rang some bell; I went over back to the ACS webpage, and this time found the correct ACS housing webpage. I had been using one from a previous ACS conference. Yeah, one of my finest hours :) Things are sorted out now, as I had already email the hotel too. Things are fine, and so my nerviness activity is back to normal. (If you care to reproduce, just go to the page for International Visitors linked from the Chicago conference homepage, scroll down to "Preparing for Your ACS Meeting Experience" and click the Hotel Information link. Makes sense, because the international guests already know how things work :) And, yes, I could have seen it mention SA in the subtitle, I know.)

My ACS Schedule

My schedule is pretty regular, filled mostly with CINF and COMP presentations. The Monday and and Wednesday afternoons are empty, though there was some plans to meet up with bloggers (and here) on Monday afternoon, which I still think we should do, even though Gaussling had to back out. I hereby suggest we meet at 13:00 at Laptop Lane on the ACS Show Floor. Sunday evening there are all sorts of parties, and I and some colleagues are going to the party for international guests at the Sheraton Chicago. Monday evening is reserved for the Bulls. I am indeed some 10 years late, but happy to finally be able to visit a NBA stadium during the season. They play against Portland on Monday, while against Detroit on Tuesday. I figure that game would have been nicer, but Tuesday evening is reserved for the Blue Obelisk social event at the South Water Kitchen.

Suggestions, like these from Carmen are most welcome!


  1. When are you reaching Chicago?

  2. Sorry I had to back out. Well, actually, I was pulled out. We had an emergency at work and I was needed at the plant. Maybe someday I can talk about it. It will make a great story, or perhaps cautionary tale. Fortunately, there were no fatalities.

  3. Rajarshi,

    I arrive at O'Hara airport around 13:15, and will likely be around 19:00 at my hotel.


    glad to hear that there are no casualties.

  4. Egon, Mon 13:00 at laptop lane works for me - I'll see you and hopefully a bunch more chem bloggers there.