Monday, April 30, 2007

Improved CMLRSS feed for Chemical blogspace

While adding the 116th blog (David Bradley's Chemistry News) to Chemical blogspace (see also New Blogs #5, I noticed that David is using semantic markup for InChI's (thanx!).

That urged me to finally clean up my InChI extension for the software. One important step was to create a PHP page with only one InChI, such as this one. That would solve the something broken links in the CMLRSS feed, because of characters in InChIs that Apache cannot handle as the PHP page expects. Once that was done, I also pimped up the CMLRSS feed itself: I added a human-friendly name, the title of the blog item discussing the molecule, and the picture Cb downloads from PubChem:

Of course the feed is still CML enabled.

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